About us

Our mission

Jesuit Missions exists to support Jesuit works with poor and marginalised people around the world.  We do this by promoting social justice, building bridges between communities and accompanying those working on the missions.

Our vision

A world in which the dignity of all people, especially the poor and marginalised, is defended; and where generosity of spirit, compassionate service and justice are proclaimed in witness to the Christian faith.

Our values:

  • Ignatian Spirituality – seeking God in all things, practising Ignatian discernment, carefully analysing context, balancing experience and reflection with action
  • A preferential option for the poor – God’s heart has a special place for the poor, so much so that he himself “became poor”. This divine preference has consequences for the faith life of all Christians …
  • Empowering local communities – working alongside people, in partnership responding to their needs in a sustainable way
  • Collaboration – companionship based on discernment and oriented towards service