Jesuit Missions UK is committed to improving standards of education worldwide, and particularly in Zimbabwe.

We believe:

  • That the education crisis happening in Zimbabwe is reversible.
  • That all children in Zimbabwe have a right to good education.
  • That good education includes, in particular, affordable and appropriate materials, the professional development of teachers and the modernisation of the school curriculum.

Jesuit Missions is proud to be fundraising for two projects: the Happy Readers literacy programme and Education for Justice Zimbabwe.

We are encouraging schools to help us fundraise for these projects. Your support is invaluable and will provide the fuel to get both Happy Readers and Education for Justice Zimbabwe off the ground.

Happy Readers

Working with the Jesuits in Zimbabwe, we are helping young children in Africa to learn to read in a way that enables them to develop fluency in reading English.

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The programme has had amazing results in Zambia.  Before Happy Readers, average literacy rates were 32%.  After 18 months of use this rose to 75-80%. Compare this to children who didn’t use the programme, who recorded literacy rates of 10-25% it’s clear that Happy Readers works.

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Many children in rural Zimbabwean schools are increasingly just going through grades, without an ability to read. Their understanding does not match the expectations for their age.

Working closely with the Jesuits in Zimbabwe, who have an understanding of the local culture, Jesuit Missions is working to ensure that children actually learn to read and don’t just go through grades, but we need your help.


If you would like to find out more, please read Happy Readers.

General fundraising for Education for Justice Zimbabwe

Jesuit Missions believe that Zimbabwe’s economic and political situation, marred by an undemocratic regime, structural violence and intolerance can be overcome.

Education for Justice Zimbabwe is an educational programme forming learners and teachers in areas of faith and justice. By developing the Ignatian value of ‘A Faith that does Justice’, democracy and peace can become widely achievable in Zimbabwe.

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