Monthly Prayer Page: October

Welcome to the Jesuit Missions Monthly Prayer Page. Here you will find topical prayers and different prayer styles to help broaden and deepen your prayer life in the tradition of Ignatian spirituality

JM Prayer Focus: Mission


A stunning sunset taken by one of our volunteers

Suggested Prayer Type: Prayerful Poems

Prayer Stimuli:

A way to celebrate our faith can be by praising and revering God in writing. Below are two prayers, poetic pledges even, written to help us imitate Jesus Christ by dedicating our lives to the mission of serving God Our Father with everything we do in our lives. This mission drives Jesuit Missions to take action and help live out a faith that does justice.

Perhaps you would find it fulfilling to express your dedication serving God in your life through a poetic pledge? Alternatively, why not use one of our poems as a bookmark to return to, as a reminder of our Christian mission to glorify God with our lives?


I place my faith at the forefront of my life,

A missionary disciple dedicated to your greater glory.

Joyfully free, I float down the channels your divine providence carries me.


Let nothing obstruct you as the light of my life,

The Sun in my solar system, the sole focus of my service.

Intertwine my desires with your will so I will never abide apart from you.


Make me store up my treasures in heaven,

The divine destination that dictates all my decisions.

Let me sow in the Spirit’s field

And bring in a harvest of eternal life. Amen.


Christopher Brolly (Jesuit Novice)


Paradise in the Peripheries


Have you noticed the light on the fringes of the Eucharist?

Have you noticed the light on the fringes of life?

His Son held aloft, God’s gaze of rays

Permeate and radiate his Host and my heart.

Permeate, radiate, illuminate: my Spirit synchronised to this cycle,

My hopes and His Host elevated inseparably.


In a similar way, divine retinas stare ablaze

From the corners of the cup.

Multiple golden sunsets, twinkling with mercy.

I enter entranced, back into the fold, a straggling stray blissfully helpless to it’s Master’s call:

“Agnus Dei qui tollis peccata mundi…”


Behold the climax of my closeness, as Christ,

Embodied in the crags of broken bread,

Seeps between my trembling fingertips and beneath my adoring eyes.

His fractures, the fractures of the world, flicker in front of my face and warm me with the glow of humanity.


Illuminate the fringes of life to me and I will go to them.

Illuminate the fringes of the world to me and I will go to them.

I will go to love, I will go to learn,

I will go to heal, I will go to help,

I will go to care, I will go to cry,

I will go to strengthen, I will go to save.

Oh holy words, oh sacred words and

For a second heaven is revealed:

Lord, I am not worthy

That you should enter under my roof,

But only say the word

And my soul shall be healed.


Christopher Brolly (Jesuit Novice)

Final words of wisdom:

“We should not look for heaven above the clouds. Wherever we turn to God in His glory and to our neighbour in his need; wherever we experience the joys of love; whenever we convert and allow ourselves to be reconciled with God, heaven opens there” (YouCat, 2010)


Click here for a PDF version of this month’s prayer, including two bookmarks for the poems ‘Harvest’ and ‘Paradise in the Peripheries’.