“Let what you teach be nourishment for the people of God…”
– Pope Francis

Education for Justice

Education for Justice is Jesuit Missions’ programme for schools in the UK. We provide students and teachers with tools and opportunities to address local and global injustice, empowering schools to promote A faith that does Justice, an essential part of the Jesuit ethos.

We offer schools resources, capacity-building events and bespoke support to schools in five main areas which are deeply connected both to Catholic Social Teaching and to the Global Dimensions:

  • Peace education
  • Sustainable living
  • Inter-cultural dialogue
  • Global inter-dependence 
  • Social justice

The Companions Programme

Education for Justice also stimulates schools in the UK and African countries to cooperate with each other and promote social justice through the Companions Programme, a school linking initiative between students in Jesuit and Catholic schools around the world. St. Ignatius called his first followers Companions and it is in the spirit of St. Ignatius that the Companions Programme has been set up. Local and global issues are inter-connected. By joining forces, schools do not only learn about each other, but also contribute to create a fairer world. More information about the Companions Programme is available here.

Education for Justice Zimbabwe

Education for Justice runs in parallel with Education for Justice Zimbabwe, an education programme run by local Jesuits, for Jesuit schools in Zimbabwe. You can find out more about Education for Justice Zimbabwe here.




  • JM Heroes for primary schools about the lives of children in Jesuit schools in Zimbabwe and how we can all be heroes;
  • Six ways for secondary schools about different ways in which young people can become involved with JM;

School activities and assemblies