The Companions Programme

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 ‘‘The Companions Programme nurtures a global community of schools who enrich each other and improve the world around them through mutual learning”

The Companions Programme is an exciting school linking scheme between young people in Jesuit and Catholic education in the Global South and Global North. St. Ignatius called his first followers Companions and it is in the spirit of St. Ignatius that the Companions’ Programme has been set up.

The thirty-two schools involved are united by the Jesuit ethos:

Men and women for and with others

This motto calls for an attitude and readiness to cooperate, to listen and to learn from others and to share a common spiritual inheritance.

The Companions’ Programme aims to:

  • Develop a mutually beneficial and sustainable relationship between schools in the United Kingdom and their partner school, or mission, in the developing world.
  • Promote Jesuit Education and enable pupils to take action for social justice at home and overseas.

The components to help implement this programme are: Awareness, Communication and Exchange. These components have been selected to delineate a list of endless possibilities; combined they help to provide tangible stepping stones for the pupils of these schools to become Agents and promoters of change.

Read our exclusive interview with Lynette, the Programmes Officer in Zimbabwe, who coordinates the Companions Programme in Zimbabwe and with Sam, our Education for Justice coordinator, here in the UK.


NEW! The Companions Programme Guidelines

A classroom resource which gets students creating a symbol for their school link (subjects include art, biology and geography):


A guide for international visits between schools:

DFID’s Star tool to set common Goals for your school partnership:

A reflection and evaluation document for host schools for the end of a visit:

JM’s visits evaluation form:

Action Plan tools for meetings during international visits: