Primary School Resources

Welcome to our primary school resources page. Jesuit Missions’ school resources empower students to ‘live a faith that does justice’ through a focus on global themes and direct links with the schools’ curricula. Some of the school resources can also be used in the context of a school partnership.

Existing resources

NEW! St Francis Xavier feast day (Dec 3rd)

December 3rd is the Feast Day of St Francis Xavier, a Jesuit priest and patron saint of missionaries. We have created colourful and prayerful bookmarks for primary and secondary school pupils (the second version has printing codes if you would like to get them professional printed).

Join us as we celebrate this day by remembering our worldwide Jesuit family and for all of creation – Our Common Home!

St Ignatius’ feast day (designed to be taught June-July)

An ideal end-of-term informative and reflective activity, this comprehensive resource delves deep into the life and teachings of St Ignatius. Over the course of three, 3 hour classes, students will be introduced to the basics of St Ignatius life and teachings, analyse his ideas on the meaning of life and conduct their own ‘Examen of the year’ using the Take and Receive prayer.

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3 

Africa Day (May 25th)

In celebration of Africa Day, this PowerPoint and set of Zimbabwean games focuses on the Jesuit Pupil Profile, and how we can be curious and active pupils for Africa Day!

Maudedi’s day at school (ongoing all year)

This picture led PowerPoint takes pupils on a journey of schooling life in Zimbabwe. Pupils will follow Maudedi’s day at school, look at some of the issues facing school children in Zimbabwe and conclude with a way they can take action.

This resources can be used at any time of the year.

International Day of Peace 2016 (September 21st)

These classroom resources for primary schools coincide with International Day of Peace, designated by the UN to be celebrated every September 21st.

The resources explore a concept of peace, in particular from a Christian (Catholic) perspective – but can be used in any school context.

The students will explore how they can bring peace to the world around them, culminating in them creating a ‘Tree of Peace’ and ‘Peace Pledge’.

Mother Earth Day Assembly (April 22nd)

This script can be used in primary school assemblies. It depicts a conversation on climate between three famous freedom fighters of justice…

 Tree of Gratitude: St Francis Xavier feast day (November 30th).

Beginning on the first school day of Advent (November 30th) this resource  looks at the life and times of St Francis Xavier, with captivating images and stories of current Jesuits and their missions around the world. Primary school students will create a Tree of Gratitude, reflecting on all the things that they are grateful for in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

For the love of

In preparation for the Climate Coalition lobby in Westminster (June 17th 2015), this informational document details how you and your schools can help.

Jesuit Missions and its heroes

Students explore how their Zimbabwean peers can behave like little heroes, and how they too can be heroes in their schools:

A 50 page booklet composed of classroom activities on the theme of “Sustainable Development & Globalisation”:

Resources for the Companions Programme and school linking:

  • Visit our Companions page

Please note that some of our secondary school resources work for pupils as young as 11 years old, while others can be adapted for use in primary schools. To find these resources, please visit our secondary school resources page.

Our resources are created in collaboration with educators, young people and priests within the Jesuit community and beyond. If you have an idea for a school activity in one of the areas of Education for Justice, please contact us at