Primary School Resources

Welcome to our primary school resources page. Jesuit Missions’ school resources empower students to ‘live a faith that does justice’ through a focus on global themes and direct links with the schools’ curricula. Some of the school resources can also be used in the context of a school partnership.

Existing resources

St Francis Xavier feast day (Dec 3rd)

St Ignatius’ feast day (designed to be taught June-July)

Africa Day (May 25th)

Maudedi’s day at school






International Day of Peace (September 21st)

Mother Earth Day (April 22nd)

 Tree of Gratitude: St Francis Xavier feast day

For the love of…

Jesuit Missions and its heroes

Sustainable Development & Globalisation

Please note that some of our secondary school resources work for pupils as young as 11 years old, while others can be adapted for use in primary schools. To find these resources, please visit our secondary school resources page.

Our resources are created in collaboration with educators, young people and priests within the Jesuit community and beyond. If you have an idea for a school activity in one of the areas of Education for Justice, please contact us at