Secondary School Resources

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Welcome to our secondary school resources page. Jesuit Missions’ school resources empower students and educators to ‘live a faith that does justice’ through a focus on global themes and direct links with the schools’ curricula. Some of the school resources can also be used in the context of a school partnership.

Existing resources

New! St Ignatius’ feast day (designed to be taught June-July)

An ideal end-of-term informative and reflective activity, this comprehensive resource delves deep into the life and teachings of St Ignatius. Over the course of three, 3 hour classes, students will be introduced to the basics of St Ignatius life and teachings, analyse his ideas on the meaning of life and conduct their own ‘Examen of the year’ using the Take and Receive prayer.

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Seeds of Love (Lent 2017)

Why is it that if there is enough food for 10 billion people, nearly 1 billion still go hungry?

Seeds of Love is an 8 week Lenten exploration on the theme of food. We look at 4 food/livelihoods projects around the world run by Jesuits and supported by Jesuit Missions, giving pupils an opportunity to hear more about work being done to combat world hunger.

The presentations work in 2 week batches, so if teachers can’t do all 8 weeks, they can pick and choose which of the 4 projects they want to focus on.

Scheme of Work


Scripts for teachers

International Day of Peace 2016 (September 21st)

These classroom resources for secondary schools coincide with International Day of Peace, designated by the UN to be celebrated every September 21st.

The resources explore a concept of peace, in particular from a Christian (Catholic) perspective – but can be used in any school context.

The students will explore how they can bring peace to the world around them, culminating in them creating a ‘Tree of Peace’ and ‘Peace Pledge’.

Africa Day (May 25th)

In celebration of all that is African, this PowerPoint and set of African games focuses on the Jesuit Pupil Profile, and how we can be curious and active pupils for Africa Day!

Mother Earth Day (22nd April)

Mother Earth Day happens every year on April 22nd. It is a day to raise awareness of the challenges facing our fragile planet, and of our responsibilities towards her.

Aimed at secondary school students (KS3), the resource aims to deepen students’ understanding of Laudato Si and to inspire them to act on climate change.

The resource includes a Scheme of Work, PowerPoint and handouts for the activity on Laudato Si.

Our Common Home (Lenten resource)

UPDATE: This resource has been updated (Week 4 PowerPoint only) to include the Michael Morpurgo letter and film, released by The Climate Coalition on 04/02/2016. The full lesson plan is available here:

Similar to 2015’s Great Hope, Our Common Home is a four week exploration of Lent with a strong environmental focus. Pupils will be invited to think, discuss, pray and create with a diverse range of activities, all designed to stimulate an individual and prayerful Lenten experience.

The resource begins on Wednesday February 10th and finishes on Friday March 11th:

World Day of Social Justice (Feb 20th)

February 20th brings with it World Day of Social Justice. The United Nations has chosen this day to be a reflection on tackling poverty, social and economic exclusion and unemployment.

This resource is a PowerPoint and activity for Primary and Secondary Schools looking at ways of practically doing social justice. The resource challenges pupils to go a little bit beyond the norm; to do one justice action which could put meaning into the phrase ‘being men and women for others’.

St Francis Xavier Feast Day.

Beginning on the first school day of Advent (November 30th) this resource looks at the life and times of St Francis Xavier, with captivating images and stories of current Jesuits and their missions around the world. Secondary School students will have personal opportunities to reflect on the ideas of mission, action and prayer.

For the love of

– In preparation for the Climate Coalition lobby in Westminster (June 17th 2015), this classroom resource for secondary schools explores sustainability in the UK and Zimbabwe.

Classrooms resources on the themes of peace and conflict, including an adapted version of the Examen of Saint Ignatius (subjects include RE and music):

‘Map your area!’

A classroom resource on social justice for geography:

Six ways…

…students can use their gifts and talents with Jesuit Missions UK:

A 37 page resource containing activities for senior school students on the global dimension theme of ‘Peace and Conflict’

Resources for the Companions Programme and school linking