St Francis Xavier Feast Day

2017: St Francis Xavier Feast Day bookmarks:

Download available now for primary schools and for secondary schools

December 3rd is the Feast Day of St Francis Xavier, a Jesuit priest and patron saint of missionaries. We have created colourful and prayerful bookmarks for primary and secondary school pupils, encouraging them to join us as we celebrate this day.

Join us as we celebrate this day by remembering our worldwide Jesuit family and for all of creation – Our Common Home!

 2015: Tree of Gratitude: St Francis Xavier feast day (November 30th).

Beginning on the first school day of Advent (November 30th) this resource  looks at the life and times of St Francis Xavier, with captivating images and stories of current Jesuits and their missions around the world. Primary school students will create a Tree of Gratitude, reflecting on all the things that they are grateful for in the weeks leading up to Christmas.


Posted on 16th November 2017