2016 resource for St Ignatius’ feast day

Available for download here for primary schools and here for secondary schools

St Ignatius – the founder of the Jesuits – is celebrated in the church on July 31st every year. In commemoration of all the inspirational things he has done, Jesuit Missions has designed an exciting resource for his feast day.

Both for primary and secondary school students, the resource aims:

  • To deepen students’ understanding of St. Ignatius, the key aspects of his spirituality (the Examen) and explore how it could be important to them.
  • [Not only will these lessons inform students about St Ignatius, they will also engage them in activities that develop their JPP skills]

The resource is designed to be spread over 3 classes, each lasting 1 hour. The resource pack contains a Scheme of Work and lesson plan, as well as:

 Lesson 1
A PowerPoint
A Cloze Exercise handout

Lesson 2
A PowerPoint
Examen of the Year handout
Examen Giant Hand Homework Challenge handout
Praise, Serve, Revere Cards handout

Lesson 3
A PowerPoint
Take and Receive prayer handout
Take and Receive prayer activity handout
Discerning My Future handout


Posted on 18th November 2015

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