Meet our 2018 Team

We still have limited places left in our 2018 team…apply here.

Richard Greenwood, 36, is the Assistant director of Jesuit Missions, who signed up to run after a failed attempt to garner support for NOT running on social media! He will be running in one of our legendary Womble costumes and needs all the support he can get.

Andrew Kennedy, 40, is a former pupil and staff member of St Ignatius College in Enfield, and is currently the Deputy Headmaster of St John’s Beaumont. Andrew and his wife, Anne-Marie, will serve as training partners as they both prepare for this challenge!

Anne-Marie Kennedy, 38, is an assistant Headteacher at St Ignatius College, a Jesuit school in Enfield. She lists that one of her motivations in running the marathon is ‘to be a role model to the students so that they too can put their faith into actions and be men and women for others.’ To support Anne-Marie’s efforts, please visit his fundraising page. 


John Dawson is a former pupil of St Ignatius College, Enfield and is currently the school’s chaplain. He will turn 40 in the days following the marathon, and so decided to mark this milestone birthday with this memorable and exciting challenge! To support John’s efforts, please visit his fundraising page:


Christopher Lane, 62, is a school teacher in Bournemouth and is part of the Corpus Christi Parish in Boscombe. To support Chris’ efforts, please visit his fundraising page.


Father Gerard Chaisson, 57, is a Catholic priest from Prince Edward Island, Canada, running in his 10th marathon! To support Father Gerard’s efforts, please visit his fundraising page.




Father Patrick Magro, SJ, 48, is the Jesuit provincial in Malta. He is an experienced Marathon runner and has volunteered to run the Marathon dressed as one of Jesuit Missions’ iconic mascots, a Womble! To support Father Patrick’s efforts, please visit his fundraising page.