Short-term Placements FAQs

Where will my placement be?

Currently, the short-term placements available are in El Salvador, Honduras, Malawi, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe. You will work with local volunteers on projects potentially related to the environment, tourism, HIV/Aids or livelihoods.

Is my placement with Jesuit Missions or Progressio/ICS?

The short answer is both. The work overseas is organised by Progressio and they provide you with pre-departure training and support and look after you while are you are away. When you return you must complete an ‘Action at Home’ and this is completed with Jesuit Missions. We also offer you an additional Ignatian inspired preparation before you go.

Is a short term placement right for you?

Short term placements will suit 18-25 year olds looking to commit to a total of 12 weeks (10 abroad and 2 in preparation here in the UK). They are also a group project so team work is a key aspect. Typically, a group of 4-8 UK volunteers are sent out, so you will not be sent out alone. Upon arrival, you will work alongside the same number of local volunteers.

What will happen before I go?

One of the key ways Progressio offers support to volunteers is through the training and orientation process. As well as the pre-departure training weekend that you will attend before you leave the UK, you will get around a week of in-country orientation when you first arrive. This will cover the specifics of your placement, as well as issues relating to health, safety and security, the local culture and language lessons.

How much will it cost?

Although the placements are government funded, volunteers are asked to fundraise a minimum of £800. You will receive support and fundraising ideas as to how to go about this.

You will find much more information on the Progressio/ICS site (external site)