Jesuit Missions has a strong history and link with the Jesuits working in India.

Providing Power

Jesuit Missions recently funded the purchase of new solar panels for St. Xavier’s College in Assam, India. Regular power cuts meant that supplies to light, water, heating and computers were regularly interrupted so the new source of power should enable the school to increase the capacity of the Jesuits working there to provide a greater and better service to all students.

Improving Education 

Jesuit Missions is working alongside local Jesuits to offer better access to an education for members of the Barela tribes in Madhya Pradesh. In 2015 work began on a new school that will provide education for 100 children. As well as a school the building will be used for community projects, improving health, hygiene and sanitation in the local villages.

Lok Manch

Jesuit Missions supports Lok Manch (People’s Forum), which is a national platform for promoting the dignity and well-being of marginalized people in India through policy interventions and improved access to their legal rights. About 100 organizations from 12 states have formed ‘LokManch’ together with likeminded partners, to strengthen the dignity and expand the rights of the priority communities, and improve their access to entitlements. This could include the right to food, educational development and improved access to water, sanitation and hygiene.

The current goal is to improve the quality of life for 270, 000 of the poorest households in 1,840 villages across 12 states by the end of 2018. Through a mass awareness campaign and training of select representatives from local communities, these trained persons will serve as leaders and monitors voluntarily in each village, facilitating access to household and community entitlements.

Volunteer programme

We also run a volunteer programme in India giving UK volunteers the opportunity to teach English for six months in a rural tribal community in Dumka, Jharkhand.