Working with the Marginalised

Jesuit Missions funds work in Africa, Asia and Latin America supporting the most marginalised and vulnerable communities. These are just two examples of where your donations have helped to make a difference in 2017.

London Marathon Runners Support Refugees

In April 2017 Jesuit Missions’ runners hit the pavements of London to raise vitally needed funds for the work of Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) in South Sudan.

Maban county, in the North-Eastern part of South Sudan, hosts more than 135, 000 refugees from Sudan who are mainly settled in four large camps. The arrival of this population has caused tensions in the area, with the local people of South Sudan resenting the refugees who can be seen to receive more support than the local community, who are also living very difficult lives in a very difficult situation.

Since 2013 JRS South Sudan, has been working to assess the needs of both populations. Despite repeated outbreaks of violence forcing JRS to postpone this work on a number of occasions, the research has shown that both the refugee population and the local community of Maban lack access to education. The money raised by our team of marathon runners will help not only to improve the quality of education, but also help to ensure access to education for both the refugee community and the local population.

With the support of Jesuit Missions, JRS will help train teachers, get more children enrolled in schools, improve the learning environment and provide access to library materials for children aged 3-18, as well as engage adults in an adult literacy course.

Richard Greenwood, Assistant Director of Jesuit Missions said,

“The money raised by our marathon runners will make a huge difference to people’s lives. In addition to providing skills for the future, the work also helps to keep a sense of normality. Despite their living situation, it is important to keep every day life as normal as possible. This is especially important for the children.”

Legal & Leadership Programme in Darjeeling, India

Our partner Xavier Educational Society of West Bengal, India, is working with a Para Legal Training centre to empower women who work in the tea gardens around Darjeeling, by providing training on their legal rights and leadership. Many women who work in the tea gardens, and live in the villages around Darjeeling are exploited because they are not aware of their basic and legal rights. Local field staff have found there to be an increase in the number of domestic violent abuse cases around this area.

Through support from Jesuit Missions, our partner Xavier Educational Society of West Bengal will be able to provide 10 training sessions, each to 45 women to make them aware of their legal and basic rights. This will empower women to take leadership within the villages, to be involved in decision making and local policy making in the future. Each trainee will then be able to train another 10 women, so the project will be able continue in full control of the women themselves. Knowing about Domestic violence and women’s rights, will help women to feel safer in their families.

“When a woman of a family is empowered, we believe the whole family will be benefitted”

Fr. Stanley Varghese SJ-Jesuit Priest from within the province.

Posted on 06th December 2017