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Ukraine Update

Natalya Anastasia and her children in Poland

Faces of Ukraine

Alla, Olena, Tetyana, Dasha. Names that might look distant for many people, but each of them belongs to a Ukrainian woman who was forced to leave her country when the war started more than a hundred days ago.

Since then, they have been welcomed in countries across Europe, mainly in the ones closer to the Ukrainian border. Jesuit Missions, in collaboration with the Xavier Network and Jesuit Refugee Service, has been working in the field with four streams of action: to welcome, protect, integrate, and promote education and livelihood of those who have fled war.

Two months of assistance have gone by, and our partners in the field have come across extremely brave stories in Romania, Poland, Ukraine and Hungary. Get to know more about them and the work our partners are developing in the videos below.

By donating to Jesuit Missions you help to support the work of our Jesuit partners on the ground who are providing assistance to those fleeing the violence in Ukraine.

“Nobody wants this, but it’s our life now” – Alla, 39 years old in Romania
“It’s hard for adults but even more for children” – Olena in Romania