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Christians and Muslims share Ramadan meal in Burkina Faso

  • 22 May 2020

Our partners at CERCLE in Burkina Faso shared in a Ramadan meal earlier this week, made possible by Jesuit Missions supporters.

CERCLE is a study centre in Ouagadougou for students who have previously failed exams. It’s student body is mostly female, with 315 pupils currently preparing for state exams in July. Many of the students are single mothers.

Fr Francois at CERCLE study centre told us about their hopes to have end of Ramadan meal for Christians and Muslims with money from Jesuit Missions for COVID-19 relief.

Before the meal, Fr Francois said, “Tomorrow at 6.15pm or so, we will have a celebration with our Muslim brothers and sisters. Part of the team are preparing dates for tomorrow, yesterday they bought plenty of things at a nearby market for cooking. Four out of five of these girls are Muslim and they are all fasting every day, but not everyone has a chance to eat properly in the evening. Anyway we are excited to celebrate together. ”

We caught up with Fr Francois after the meal and he was overjoyed at how it went. “It was just great! The teachers were also invited. We sang the national anthem of our country before sharing the meal. Our socio-political context is characterised by religious extremism in the north of the country and in neighboring countries. It is of great importance to remind everyone that we belong to the same country, and that we should all work for peace and understanding. Everyone was so happy. Thank you too for helping make it possible and for sharing this moment with us…although remotely!”

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Photo credit: Fr Francois, CERCLE