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Companions in Action launch at St Aloysius Junior school

  • 4 September 2019

On Friday 23rd August St Aloysius’ Junior School, Glasgow launched their new Companions in Action (CIA) partnership with St Paul’s Primary School in Musami, Zimbabwe. After the partnership agreements were signed and ideas for CIA initiatives developed, there was an air of excitement at St Aloysius’ as the pupils listened during assembly while Jesuit Missions staff members Stephanie Beech and Lynn McWilliams shared stories about their work and the work of Jesuit Missions across the world. This included learning about the Quality Education Bilingual Programme in Guyana and new clean energy sources in Malawi.

Stephanie said, “I was so impressed by the students’ energy and enthusiasm during all of the activities. I think this new partnership will open a lot of new exciting opportunities for both schools involved.”

Companions in Action partners Jesuit schools in the United Kingdom with Jesuit schools in the global South to share ideas and resources for the promotion of justice. The programme will help develop a learning relationship between St Aloysius’ and St Paul’s through classroom activities that will strengthen both schools Jesuit identity by sharing values as expressed in the Jesuit Pupil Profile.

The second part of the event consisted of workshops which gave the young people an opportunity to learn more about Zimbabwe and St Paul’s School. A competitive spirit amongst the teams made this both fun and compelling. Pupils were surprised to learn that there are 17 Jesuit schools in the Zimbabwe and 16 official languages!

Lynn said, “The new partnership between St Paul’s Musami and St Aloysius’ Glasgow creates a wonderful opportunity for the schools to share their Ignatian identity, culture and efforts to care for our common home, thus providing our young people the opportunity to become agents for change.”

This new partnership is now set to go onto the next stage with pupils getting ready to take action to care for their common home.