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Courage and Faith: The Voice of the Amazon

  • 16 September 2020

Next week Amazon activist Leah Casimero will be joining Joel Thompson SJ, in a Zoom webinar hosted by Jesuit Missions at 7.30 pm Tuesday 22 September. Please register for the webinar here

Leah Casimero’ s journey is indicative of the complexities and challenges that face us all at this unique juncture in human history. How do we respond to the devastation that is being visited on the earth by climate change? How do we give the earth and its people a voice?

Leah, an indigenous woman of the Wapichan tribe, lives in a remote part of Guyana. Her community faces numerous environmental, social, and political challenges including contamination of rivers and the destruction of the land due to large-scale agriculture, mining, and logging.

Leah is pushing for more engagement with local people on major decisions: “I would like to see an empowered people of the Amazon contributing to their own development and contributing to the church and the world.”

Leah works as part of the Quality Bilingual Education Programme for Wapichan Children. She notes, “As part of the QBEP team, I help to promote formal education that respects the Wapichan child. We have adapted the current curriculum to suit our children and have included traditional knowledge, mother tongue, and culture. Shaping our future leaders through holistic education.

Leah attended last year’s Synod on the Amazon in Rome, where she met Pope Francis: “The experience was profound and made me more aware of how important it is to have a first-hand experience of other Amazonian people, and the leadership of the church. Courage and faith are not optional, because we are up against a huge challenge. Everyone needs to use every platform available to respond to this crisis we are facing.”

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