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Covid-19 relief in Tamil Nadu

  • 17 July 2020

The unprecedented situation with the spread of Covid-19 and lockdown in India has created a critical situation for daily wages workers’ families. They cannot go to work and earn their living for the foreseeable future. Without earning a livelihood, they have been facing extreme difficulties and were starving without adequate food to eat.

With support from Jesuit Missions, the Development of Education and Environment Trust (DEET) is there to help. They are working to relieve almost 150 of the most vulnerable families in remote areas from starvation by distributing food materials and medicines. These families are classified as ‘Below Poverty Line’ by the Indian government because they earn less than £1.50 a day.

Manikandan is one of the beneficiaries of this relief. He has two children and cares for them with his elderly, sick mother. He is the only earning member of his family as a daily wage labourer. Manikandan is currently out of work and could not find a new job due to the district’s strict lockdown. He told DEET that he had already spent all his savings on food and medicine to his mother. Thanks to DEET’s dedicated field volunteers, they have been guaranteed a full meal every day throughout lockdown. In addition, their essential healthcare is supported.

The director of DEET expressed his gratitude for the life-saving support given to these families. “As the relief materials were supplied to the beneficiaries, the happiness of the families knew no boundary. They expressed their heart felt gratitude to Jesuit Missions. This gave a sense of feeling that how much the timely help during the grief situation will benefit the beneficiaries and bring relief from sorrowfulness to happiness.”

The effects of covid-19 in India have been devastating. Find out more or donate to our emergency appeal here.