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Covid-19: Standing by India’s marginalised in their time of need.

  • 10 September 2021
While the pandemic has affected almost everyone in the world, its consequences have hurt the poorest communities the most.

Indian society suffers from a system of social hierarchy which seeks to order society with lowest (Dalits) being referred to as the ‘untouchables.’  The caste system  plays a large part in Indian society with those at the bottom, facing persecution.

For those living on the margins, the consequences of COVID-19 in the height of the pandemic had devastating effects. Lockdowns which were imposed on Dalit communities affected vital productivity and distribution networks. This resulted in a lack of income and in turn many of those already living on the poverty line were plunged into a desperate situation.

Jesuit Missions was pleased to assist in the distribution of much needed aid. This came in the form of water and food rations and allowed people to stay at home, thus not spreading the virus. It also alleviated the stress which came from the lack of income people had due to the pandemic.

3072 families benefited from aid funded by Jesuit Missions, and this is just one of many projects which we have supported throughout the pandemic. We respond to where the need is greatest across the world, including emergency situations.

Please consider donating to Jesuit Missions so we can continue to serve the marginalised in the poorest parts of the world. 

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