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Cuiebet teacher training college in South Sudan

  • 23 April 2019

After the tragic death of Fr Victor Luke SJ in November 2018, Fr Kizito Busobozi SJ has taken on the responsibility of leading the Mazzolari Teacher training College in Cuiebet, South Sudan which is supported by Jesuit Missions.

Fr Kitzito says, “Life here will never be the same without Fr Victor, but we are trying to continue from where he stopped.”

Since the death of Fr Victor, the government has placed two police men outside the compound and the security is being continually improved. The smooth running of the college depends on the local tribal fighting which, fortunately, has reduced significantly in recent months due to attempts by the local government to disarm civilians.

Fr Kizito adds, “Since we opened the college, whenever there are clashes between tribes, people (especially women and children) take refuge in our compound. Only a month ago, a three year old was hit by a stray bullet and died at a borehole while two families were fighting over a girl who had reached the age of marriage.”

The college continuously faces many challenges, especially with students unable to attend classes due to family commitments. The college has recently started to offer training to teachers who are already employed in local schools. Many of the teachers already teaching in Primary schools are not trained and have not completed their secondary education.

There are currently over 80 student teachers enrolled in the college with a small percentage being women.

Jesuit Missions has a team of 29 runners running the London Marathon this year in memory of Fr Victor-Luke SJ, including two East African Jesuits who knew Fr Victor well. Each runner is raising money for Jesuit Missions’ work in South Sudan, as well as across the world. You can support our runners here.