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Easter Appeal

Dear Supporter,

In these last week’s our TV screens have been filled with images from the tragic war in Ukraine. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected. We also cannot forget those whose plight does not reach the news, but who also need our help. You know the vital importance of education.

Think back to your own school days. For many, it’s where our characters are shaped, and our futures emerge. But, right now, 250 million children and young people are out of school. It’s a tragedy intensified by the COVID pandemic. The poorest, most vulnerable children are hit hardest.

Today, there’s an urgent need to provide education and training to children around the world. Every single child needs the steadfast support of someone who believes in them.

Jesuit Missions’ supporters give young people the skills and resources to build lives of dignity.

I want to thank you for your regular gifts to support Jesuit Missions.

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Paul Chitnis


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