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Fast Fashion is destroying our world

  • 8 April 2019

Communications Officer, Stephanie Beech, recently attended a workshop where she learned of the global impacts of the fashion industry. Here she shares the importance of changing our behaviours towards fast fashion.

Could you go a year without buying new clothes? I was asked this recently by Farhana Yamin, climate change lawyer and extinction rebellion activist, at a workshop entitled Where environment meets development. Farhana has committed to not buying any new clothes for a whole year. “You’ll see me wearing the same suit at every event that I speak at,” she said. The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world with its carbon emissions equaling that of Russia, equating to 10% of the world’s carbon emissions. 1.5-2.5 trillion gallons of water are used by the fashion industry every year.

In the last few years, people have become much more aware of their plastic usage. Since the introduction of charging for plastic bags in supermarkets, most people now always carry their own reusable bags. Markets have once again become popular places for people to do their shopping, selling fruit and vegetables that aren’t wrapped in unnecessary plastic. Zero waste shops have emerged on the high street. I recently discovered my local Bring your own, Zero waste shop and have started taking my own refillable bottles to get my shampoo and cleaning products and filling reusable containers with dry produce such as oats, pasta and rice. Reducing plastic is on people’s minds. It’s been in the media, on documentaries and everyone has seen the images of oceans full of plastic. People are slowly starting to change their habits.

The next challenge is changing people’s behaviours towards fashion, specifically that of fast fashion. I’m not someone who follows all the latest fashion trends or buys a new outfit for every event that I attend, however I do love a good charity shop haul! With fashion trends changing weekly, and the ease of online shopping and returning items, buying new clothes is more popular than ever. According to a BBC report, people are buying twice as many items of clothing than they did a decade ago and the UK consumption of clothing per head is the highest in Europe. Did you know that many of the products that we return end up in a landfill? This only adds to the vast amounts of used items which are thrown away and end up there. (Centre for Sustainable Fashion at University of the arts London).

The Time Is Now.

On Wednesday 26th June Jesuit Missions will be joining forces with the Climate Coalition to lobby our MP’s to end the UK’s contributions to climate change, by committing to a net zero emissions target and protecting our natural environment. You can join us at 114 Mount Street, W1K 3AH from 10.30am for a briefing.

Put your faith into action and join us! #thetimeisnow

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