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From Dodoma to Corona(virus) – Part 1 of 2

  • 25 June 2020

At the time of writing this blog I have been back in the UK for 3 months, currently locked down in Wales. 

I would like to talk about some of my favourite faces, spaces and places in Dodoma. 

My time in Dodoma is one I will cherish; I will always remember the community that we had there. We spent a lot of time within the parish community, they made us feel welcome and part of the family.  The novices became some of our dear friends whilst we were there. We would go to Jamoyah with them, spend time with them in the parish and work together at our placements. They were all similar ages to us volunteers, and it was great to expand our friendship group; it was great to have friends who were embarking on such an incredible journey into faith. 

I will look back at my time at St Igantius fondly, even despite the ugali at lunch. The children made me smile every day, especially when I was having a hard time. Teaching at St Ignatius was both tiring and fulfilling all at once. I learned a lot about myself, but I also learned about this incredible institution that is not yet 20 years old. The school is run by an inspiring team of staff that love the school and want to give the children the best education possible. The teachers quickly became my friends and were always there to help me; I even gained my own personal Swahili tutor, the deputy headteacher, Mr Lamanya. 

I miss the children very much. There was a group of girls who would always sit with me on the bus; they would ask me all sorts of questions about my life, would always plait my hair, ask me to tell them jokes and laugh at me when I tried to say words in Swahili. 

Ciara Doherty, Jesuit Missions volunteer

This article is part 1 of 2. Part 2 can be read here

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Photo credit: Ciara Doherty