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Gordon Brown encourages climate action

  • 29 October 2021
‘The situation is perilous, but we are not powerless.’

Gordon Brown speaks out to Jesuit Mission supporters, encouraging them to take climate action.

Former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, speaks to Jesuit Mission supporters in a video message about climate change. The video was recorded ahead of COP26, to inspire Jesuit Missions supporters and those in Jesuits works around the UK to become actively involved in campaigning for climate justice.

The former Prime Minister refers to the historical events which have led to this crisis, current debate and scientific consensus about the threat faced. He also makes powerful reference to Pope Francis’s forceful message to hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor as evidence of the need for urgent action. Mr Brown calls on governments to make stronger commitments and stresses, “they [the commitments] are sadly not merely sufficient to limit warming to 1.5 C promised in the Paris Climate Agreement.”

He offers a range of solutions, including requiring companies to disclose their carbon footprints, planting trees, restoring soil, and removing carbon from the atmosphere. Mr Brown also shares the need to work collectively to make these solutions a reality.

He says, “The situation is perilous, but we are not powerless. We should feel hopeful and motivated to create a climate that offers a home to everyone and is harmful to no one. And I believe we need to create an even bigger public movement that starts, perhaps as a ripple, and then becomes a torrent of demand for change.”

Watch Gordon Brown’s short talk here:

You can take action for our Common Home, today! Sign the Be Bold Petition urging Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to take immediate action.


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