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Hell on earth for the people of Haiti

  • 19 August 2021
Haiti is in a state of emergency after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake and a tropical storm hits the country killing more than 2000 people

On Saturday, 14 August a major 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit Haiti. There were 1419 recorded deaths, 6,900 injuries and many more missing. Storm Grace hit Haiti on Tuesday, 17 August increasing the death toll to over 2000.

The earthquake has left tens of thousands of people homeless, with the storm causing further damage to temporary shelters. The most basic needs of clean drinking water and emergency food supplies are in demand for the survivors who have lost everything.

On Monday, there was a desperate attempt to rescue as many as possible trapped under rubble before the storm hit. The heavy rain turned the soil into mud, making those buried even more difficult to locate and rescue.

Fr Jean Denis Saint Félix SJ, Superior of the Jesuits in Haiti reported that “almost all the churches and cathedrals in all three dioceses had been either severely damaged or destroyed. Many Jesuits and collaborators are from this region. For now, there are not any casualties reported among family members. However, many homes are affected or destroyed.”

He said the biggest need is health care. Currently, the existing medical infrastructure is not able to meet the needs of those who need immediate care. In the coming weeks, delivering emergency food supplies and clean drinking water to those affected will be the main priority.

Donate today to help families in Haiti receive emergency supplies.