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Jesuit Missions thanks super stampers

  • 10 January 2020

Members of the Sacred Heart parish in Wimbledon have been collecting stamps to raise funds for Jesuit Missions. Tim, Cecile, Joy and Sian came down to the Jesuit Missions office to cut out stamps in the collection and catch up with the Jesuit Missions team. The drive has been a roaring success with £2,857 collected from January 2018 to the middle of 2019, with more stamps to be sold and collected.

Tim, a previous local history officer with the Kingston museum, has been helping with the collection since his retirement in 2001. He told me about the story of the collection:

‘It’s been going for a long time. It must be about forty years! Cecile has been doing it for over thirty years… There have been more of us in the past but we’re down to the four of us now.’

Cecile spoke of how she came to be involved all those years ago:

‘I came here almost fifty years ago from Switzerland to learn English as an au pair. One day a Swedish girl took me to a dance and that’s where I met my husband. He proposed after four or five months… I’ve been collecting and cutting the stamps once a month for over thirty years.’

In that time there has been a lot of change for the collection, as Tim explained:

‘We are losing out a bit to email and social media… and there aren’t as many collectors but there is still a value in the market.’

Tim, an avid stamp and coin collector, told of how he got involved and why he enjoys the collection so much:

‘I saw the newsletter when I first came down about 15 years ago and I thought “that looks like the kind of parish volunteering work I can do” I’ve been coming here for fifteen years or more… But it’s lovely. One day a month we come here and it’s so relaxing because we have a nice little chat, a cup of coffee and snip away stamps and there’s no stresses or worries’

Jesuit Missions are grateful to Tim, Cecile, Joy and Sian for their commitment as volunteers. If you would be interested in helping with the collection, more information can be found in the Sacred Heart Church newsletter.  Any time or effort you can afford to give would be greatly appreciated.