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Jesuit school teachers take on the London Marathon

  • 26 March 2019
This year there are 16 teachers associated with Jesuit schools who are taking on the London Marathon challenge for Jesuit Missions, including a team of six from Stonyhurst college and four at St Aloysius in Glasgow.

Each were given one of the 16 Jesuit pupil profile virtues and asked to write why that word links to their training. Here are a few of their responses.

Ryan Ferrie (St Aloysius College)-Faith

London 2019 will be my second Marathon and it certainly is an exercise in faith! Faith that my dodgy knees will get me round the course and faith that the 6am winter training runs, in the bitter wind, will pay off come April 28th.

Katie Marshall (Stonyhurst College)-Active

Active and running are a good match and one thing is for certain – my activity levels have increased these past few months! I am appreciating the opportunity to actively engage with myself both physically and mentally for a more positive way of living.

Julie Greenwood (Stonyhurst College)-Curiosity

Curiosity has led me to open new doors and walk new paths in life, but the opportunity to run the marathon has led to another level of curiosity in which I can see how far I can push myself to reach an end goal.

Annabel Johnson (Donhead Primary, Wimbledon)-Intentional

As part of a busy life, running, walking and cycling are all intentional acts for me. Running is an extension of this intentional use of time a form of reflection, seeking of personal space while looking after the body and soul.

Ben Burgess (Stonyhurst College)-Truth

The truth is I have often considered taking on a challenge such as a marathon and the London event is towards the top-end of my bucket list, so once the initial suggestion had been tentatively discussed, I jumped at the chance. Truthfulness has kept me going on the darker wintrier nights as I plod the paths of Preston or run the roads of the Ribble valley.

Jess Pye (Stonyhurst College)-Eloquence

Whilst training for the London Marathon, I have applied eloquence when fundraising by being persuasive and putting across a powerful message across to sponsors about the fantastic work that Jesuit Missions does as a charity.

Stonyhurst Sprinters

Simon Harris (St Ignatius College, Enfield)-Generous

Since learning about the work that Jesuit Missions is doing in South Sudan, I have become more ‘generous’ with my time, effort and love towards myself, as well as others. When running, I have moved from wanting to beat my PB every time I run, to supporting others that seem to be struggling around me in events.

John Dawson (St Ignatius College, Enfield)-Gratitude

Each Friday staff and students at St Ignatius set aside some time to pray the examen. This gives us an opportunity to express gratitude for the gifts and blessings of the day.

This year Jesuit Missions London Marathon runners will be running in memory of Fr Victor-Luke Odhiambo SJ, a 62-year-old Jesuit priest who was tragically murdered in South Sudan in November 2018.

To find out more about all those who are running the London Marathon for Jesuit Missions this year, please visit our 2019 team page where you can also support their efforts.