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COP26 sounds like a cousin of R2-D2 from Star Wars. While it is not a fictional robot,  it is something to be interested in.

COP26 is an opportunity for heads of state, climate experts and campaigners to come together and agree on how to respond to the climate emergency. Hosted by the United Nations, COP stands for the Climate Change Conference of the Parties. The COP has met every year since 1995, and this will be 26th time in November. There are currently 197 countries who are members.


Why does it matter?

COP26 is particularly important because this is the first ‘stock take’ since the Paris Agreement in 2015. This is when 195 countries agreed to make changes so the increase in the global average temperature will not rise above 2°C. They also set a target to pursue efforts to limit the increase to just 1.5°C.

This is the world’s opportunity to check that nations have been faithful to the Paris Agreement. It is equally a chance to do more for the planet. We are currently set for average global temperatures to rise by 4°C.

Since the UK are hosting COP26 this year in Glasgow, they will be leading the discussions and setting the stage for what other countries should agree to. That is why it is important in the lead up to COP26 to show the politicians we are watching, and we are expecting them to do more to help save our planet.

To do this, we have launched our Growing our Future campaign running from May until November, with the end of the campaign coinciding with the COP26.

How is Jesuit Missions involved?

In Laudato Si’, Pope Francis says, “We need a conversation which includes everyone, since the environmental challenge we are undergoing, and its human roots, concern and affects us all.”

At Jesuit Missions we want to follow the Ignatian tradition and help you to be an ‘agent of change’ for our planet. It is important to act now. Through Growing our Future we can ensure that our voices are being heard by the right people. That is why we are sending you digital environmental campaign activities each month. We also will send you lifestyle change suggestions and a spiritual reflection. You can sign up, here.

Jesuits around the world have joined forces to engage in COP26 through EcoJesuitThis is the joint call from the Society of Jesus to commit to the Paris Agreement through COP26.

How can you be taking action?

Sign up to the Growing our Future’ campaign, which will help you grow as a climate change activist, grow as discerning individual and grow as a steward for God’s creation. Together, we will be growing our future.

Visit and share our Get Creative for COP page.

You can also join us physically at the Conference by joining our pilgrimage from Edinburgh to Glasgow. 

Sign up today!