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Less Talk, More Action

  • 12 July 2019
Eva Tozzi is a Y7 student at Ursuline High School in Wimbledon. Along with a group of other students from her school, she joined Jesuit Missions at the Climate change lobby on 26th June. Here she speaks about why she attended and why climate change is so important to her as a young person.

What inspired you to get involved in the Time is Now climate lobby? 
I’m really passionate about the world and I want to make a change. I heard a Ghandi quote recently, “Be the change you wish to see” and I want to be that change to inspire others to make a difference and to care for the world around us.

Have you ever attended a lobby before?
No this was my first time, but I had heard about previous ones from older year groups. I really care and want to make a difference. I feel that if the younger people care, older people will listen and get involved. I hope that the lobby will be a chance to move the hearts and minds of the people.

Were you able to speak with your MP on the day, how did he respond?
My MP is Stephen Hammond. He was unable to be there on the day, so we spoke with his wife Sally who is his assistant. I asked about how we can protect other countries that are more vulnerable to climatic changes such as increased flooding. Our wellbeing for each other is very important. We don’t want to live in a world that is ruined and polluted. Sally was unable to respond but said that she would pass on our message to her husband.

Do you feel that the lobby has made a difference?
I have told my mum about it and we have started to encourage our neighbours and also my siblings to pick up litter. Me and my siblings have chores to organise the bins and recycling.

What do you think the government should do now?
The government should make recycling easier for everyone. For example, the public bins need to be changed so that it is clearer which is for recycling. Often on the recycling bins in public places, the pictures are scratched off so it can be difficult to know which bin to put things in. They need to appreciate that people are trying to make a change, but the government is not making it easy for people.

Were you inspired to continue taking action after the lobby?
Yes, the lobby has made me see that so many people really do care about our world and the climate. The lobby really made me stop and think that this dream I have to make a difference is achievable.

What advice would you give to people wanting to get involved and take action for climate?
My advice would be to just go for it. Do as much as you can. Make as much change as possible. Our world is in danger. I would say that every small change can make a big difference.

Why is climate change important to you?
When you think of the effects of climate change, you usually think of animals and their habitats being ruined and how they have to move into more urban areas. But it also affects people. Many people live in areas where they are suffering from drought and rely on the vegetation for food and shelter, this is becoming harder and harder. Climate change is important to me because I no longer want to spend my holidays walking along beaches filled with plastic bottles and rubbish. On a recent holiday in Greece me and my family filled two bin liners full of rubbish while walking along the beach. I’d much rather be playing with my siblings and enjoying myself.

My mum also told me about a visit she made to the Ganges river in India, which was completely polluted. It would make a huge difference to the local people who believe that it is sacred water, if it was cleaned and safe for people to use. I really believe that people need to go into schools across the world, not just the UK to make children aware of how we can each make a difference and that we should appreciate the world around us.

What message do you have to MP’s and our government for the future?
Make the change now. The longer you leave it, the more people will be affected. Less talk, more action.

How has your faith played a part in your passion for climate change?
I believe that we have a mother earth and that we are her children. It’s our job to look after our mother, I have faith that things will get better and I have faith that we will turn green and reach the net zero carbon emissions target which is necessary.

What is Ursuline High School doing to make a difference?
We have banned plastic bottles completely from the school. People are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottles and the canteen only sells cans and paper bottles. We have invested in reusable sturdy trays, plates and cutlery. The headteacher is also encouraging us to join local clear up groups and pick up litter even if it’s not our own. Unfortunately, we still have disposable plastic boxes at our salad bars but I’m going to push for this to be changed.