Jesuit Missions 11 Edge Hill ,
SW19 4LR Wimbledon,

London Marathon 2021

  • 4 October 2021
Eight runners completed the London Marathon for Team Jesuit!

On Sunday, eight runners embarked on a run of a lifetime! Running for team Jesuit Missions was Benjamin Dowds, Sally Evans, Paul Ferrie, Ryan Ferrie, Mary McCullough and Andrew Walter. Running for team Jesuit Refugee Service UK was Andrea Borain and Nicholas Hanrahan.

There was an electric atmosphere as the London Marathon was back in full swing after a one-year delay. Last year the London Marathon was a virtual event due to COVID-19.

Marathon runner Mary McCullough said, “You already know which bits are going to be tough because it’s a mental battle… but it’s just such a good experience. You can’t put the atmosphere into words. You just have to do!”

Are you thinking about joining Team Jesuit for next year? Listen to Mary’s experience below as she chats to Jesuit Missions’ Zoë Carruthers about her big day.

Thank you to all our runners! Here are some of the highlights below.

If you would like to sign up to the Marathon for 2022, simply email