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SW19 4LR Wimbledon,

London Marathon Runner Q&A with Ben

We catch up with Ben to ask him a few questions about the Marathon before his big day!

Why did you sign up to run the London Marathon for Jesuit Missions?

It is an event that I have wanted to take part in for many years. Since starting university two years ago, I feel that my fitness has improved so now I am capable of completing the marathon.

What helps you to get around your training runs? Do you have a motivating soundtrack or podcast?

Not especially. I am fortunate to live in a nice area of the Ribble Valley where there is lovely scenery. Being able to run on quiet roads with lovely views disregards the monotony of doing long training runs.

Gisburn Hill, Ribble Valley

What have you learnt about running that has surprised you since your training started?

I have been surprised how taxing it is on my joints. Despite only being 70 kilograms and in my youth, the strain on my ankles and shins is significantly greater than anticipated. Henceforth, I have had to put a greater emphasis on recovery.

What would you be doing with your time if you weren’t out running?

I was not running then instead I would be enjoying carrying out other physical activities such as CrossFit and rowing. Since taking up rowing at university I have been fortunate to take part in regattas such as Durham and Hexham.

Ben with his rowing team

What are you most looking forward to on race day?

I am looking forward to the uplifting atmosphere. Since I am used to running on my own in the middle of nowhere it will be great to have additional support throughout.

Describe how you’re feeling about running the marathon in three words?

Excited, Nervous & Determined

Are you tempted to run as a womble?

Probably not. Running in a t-shirt and shorts will be enough of a struggle.

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