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Mialy’s Future

“I would love Madagascar to return to the famous green island it once was”

Mialy lives in Madagascar, one of the countries most vulnerable to climate change.

60% of the population of south Madagascar are suffering from food insecurity, resulting in some of the world’s highest rates of chronic malnutrition. Famine and drought affect the Malagasy people and there is no end in sight.

‘So many people cannot find anything to eat,’ says Mialy, ‘because the soil is damaged and there is a lack of water owing to climate change.’

Mialy knows her that her family is at grave risk, which is why she is fighting back.

She works at the Jesuit Arrupe Centre helping to educate young people about the environment. She is also actively involved in reforestation.

Mialy cannot do this alone. She needs your help.

Will you invest in Mialy’s future? £30 could provide 25 young people with training to revive and protect their local area from the effects of climate change.