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Moving to Solar Energy in Burkina Faso

  • 24 April 2020

In 2019 Jesuit Missions partnered with CERCLE, a study centre in Ouagadougou for students who have previously failed exams. We are supporting the organisation to move its energy consumption from the national grid to solar panels. CERCLE’s student body is majority female, with 315 pupils currently preparing for state exams in July. Many of the students are single mothers.

CERCLE’s director, Fr François Kabore SJ recently shared with us how the project has transformed their daily lives. Since the installation of solar panels last April, CERCLE had constant electricity and its monthly energy bill has reduced by over forty percent. This means that students are guaranteed light to study until 11pm when the centre closes and it has dramatically increased its financial sustainability. This has all been possible while using clean energy.

Kabre, a student at CERCLE says “I am very grateful for the access to stable energy and to clean energy. It helps me take full advantage of the very scarce time I have when I am at CERCLE for study. I am therefore grateful to Jesuit Missions, for their support. May God bless you abundantly!”

Another student, Zongo, thanks Jesuit Missions for the improvement to access to electricity: “Since September when I arrived here for my study, I have never experienced power outage, during classes or after classes when we are studying on our own until 11pm.”

Thank you to all our donors whose incredible generosity makes supporting work like this possible.

Images: CERCLE pupils, CERCLE’s solar panel

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