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Monthly Prayer Page: February

Welcome to the Jesuit Missions Monthly Prayer Page. Here you will find topical prayers and different prayer styles to help broaden and deepen your prayer life in the tradition of Ignatian spirituality

JM Prayer Focus: Care for Creation

Let us be guided by that most powerful force in the universe LOVE !

South Sudan, Women’s day planting trees

Pope Francis reminds us that there is always one force that is greater than that, love: love for our Earth, love for one another, love for God, who has provided it for us.

It is not too late for us to learn to express that love in how we care for all that we’ve been given!


It’s easy to look at my loved ones with love;

how can I learn to see the enormity of God’s creation

with the same love?


God of creation,

when I stop to consider all you have made,

it takes my breath away.

Help me to take the time

to praise you more often!

(Walking in praise with Pope Francis- Twenty Third Publications)

Final words of wisdom:

“Until exclusion and inequality in society and between people are reversed, it will be impossible to eliminate violence… When a society – whether local, national or global – is willing to leave a part of itself on the fringes, no political programmes or resources spent on law enforcement or surveillance systems can indefinitely guarantee tranquillity… If every action has its consequences, an evil embedded in the structures of a society has a constant potential for disintegration and death. It is evil crystallised in unjust social structures, which cannot be the basis of hope for a better future. We are far from the so-called “end of history”, since the conditions for a sustainable and peaceful development have not yet been adequately articulated and realised.” (Pope Francis, Evangeli Gaudium).