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Praying with the Pope in September

  • 7 September 2018

Pope Francis’s prayer intention for September is to:

“Let us pray that young people in Africa may have access to education and work in their own countries”.

Jesuit Missions recognises that education is one of the key factors in breaking the cycle of poverty and we strive to support schools and access to education across Africa.

Earlier this year Jesuit Missions team of London Marathon runners raised over £64, 000 for our International Projects. This year our projects included supporting JRS East Africa’s work with South Sudanese refugees in Uganda. Currently less than half of refugee students finish primary school or have access to secondary education. With Jesuit Missions support, JRS have been able to ensure that more refugees have access to education in Uganda. Uganda is the African country with the largest number of refugees within Africa.

Jesuit Missions also supports Loyola Secondary school in the Wau region of South Sudan. This was reopened in 2008 by the East African Jesuits after having been forced to close due to the war in Sudan.

Fr Beatus Mauki, headteacher at Loyola Secondary School says, “The quality of education is an important factor in breaking the cycle of poverty, and our hope is that the institute will provide South Sudan with leaders. Men and women of tomorrow who are committed to serving their people with integrity and justice.”

The number of students at Loyola School is continually increasing, and it started the most recent academic year with over 700 students. Jesuit Missions supports the school ensuring that each child has access to a nutritious breakfast and lunch, both improving their concentration in the classroom and ensuring children don’t leave school hungry.

Jesuit Missions partner JRS South Africa supports HEM (Higher Education on the Margins) in Dzaleka refugee camp in Malawi. Remy Gakwaya is a refugee from Burundi who has benefitted from the HEM programme. Since graduating he has built his own computer consulting and repair business and teaches other community members basic computer skills training. He hopes to empower the students to be able to benefit from HEM themselves.

Jesuit Missions supports many education projects across Africa as well as throughout the rest of the world working to improve access to primary, secondary and higher education. The above highlights just a few examples. You can support all our overseas work by donating here.

This month we join the Pope in prayer for his universal intention: see video below.