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Reducing plastic in the Ribble Valley

  • 16 July 2019

In March, the Jesuit Missions Wombles visited St Joseph’s Hurst Green primary school to talk about recycling and collecting litter. Since then, the students have been busy taking action to reduce the use of plastics in their local area.

In May, students wrote to their local supermarkets asking them to reduce their single use plastics.

Year 4 student Evelyn Nutter wrote in her letter to the manager at the local Aldi, “Where does the plastic go? Into landfill or maybe even the oceans! There are some towns in England that are plastic free. We want to be like them.” In Neive Ireland’s letter to the local butchers, she wrote “I believe that if we all made changes in the way we use plastic, it could make a global difference.”

The children also write to the mayors of towns in the Ribble Valley. In response to their letters, the Mayor of the Ribble Valley Stella Brunskill visited St Joseph’s in June to speak to the children about how they can improve recycling in the local area.

Last week Mr Steve Ashcroft, Mayor of Longridge, visited the school. This was in response to Y4 student Jeannie Wilkinson who had requested that he declare Longridge a plastic free zone. He said that he wouldn’t have thought about this, had it not been for her letter and is now taking the proposal to his council.

Students at St Joseph’s also took action in advance of the recent Time is Now Climate change lobby by writing postcards to their local MP Nigel Evans. Although, unable to attend the lobby in London, the children created a banner which was sent to Jesuit Missions for the occasion and carried by students from Wimbledon College on their behalf.  The banner took its inspiration from the Dr Seuss book, The Lorax. The banner read, “We are the children. We weep for creation,” providing a poignant reminder of the need to protect the planet for future generations.

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