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Renew our COP26 Promise

It’s time to renew our COP26 Promise

In November last year the world came to Glasgow to discuss the most pressing issue of our time, climate change. A number of important promises were made and targets set to tackle the climate crisis. However, action has been slow.

Britain continues to hold the COP presidency until November of this year. Yet events both at home and abroad have meant that this vital issue has slipped down the priority list. In short, we have been distracted!

What needs to be renewed?

It is vital that the opportunity presented by Britain’s presidency is not squandered and that the promises made in Glasgow are kept. We need your help to focus on two areas, namely:

  1. The delivery of £100 billion in climate finance by the end of 2023
  2. Delivering Net Zero by 2050

Click here to find out more about these promises. 

Progress was made at COP26 and the momentum for its achievements still lie in the hands of Britain whilst it possesses the presidency until November 2022.

What is Climate Finance ?

According to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change  Climate Finance refers to local, national or transnational financing—drawn from public, private and alternative sources of financing—that seeks to support mitigation and adaptation actions that will address climate change.  That is to say, climate finance is the delivery of public and private grants and loans from industrialised countries to those countries that have been most affected by climate change and therefore need to adapt to new environmental conditions now.

In countries such as Mozambique where Jesuit Missions supports the Beyond Cyclone Idai project or in Madagascar where we support environmental awareness, education and action at the Arrupe Centre we see where climate change is already having a severe impact on people now. Mozambique has experienced multiple severe tropical storms since Cyclone Idai in 2019 and drought in parts of Madagascar has been followed by torrential rains. Events such as these impact on agriculture and food production, leaving the most vulnerable at risk. Your action can help to save lives and secure livelihoods.

We see this as a moral debt owed by industrialised countries to poorer countries in response to the devastation caused by climate change.

Act Now!

The State Opening of Parliament takes place on 10th May. We want our supporters to write to their elected representatives demanding that climate finance takes priority. Acting is easy to do.

In response to these two promises we are asking you to engage in one simple task.  By writing to your Member of Parliament you can make a difference and speak out for people all over the world in developing countries who are already feeling the impact of climate change. Use our template to write to your MP. You will find it and information about how to contact your MP using this link

Act here

Keep up to date with the campaign

Working together we can help change history and make certain that climate change remains a crucial priority.

We want to share the responses that you receive from your MPs with our supporters around the UK. So, we invite you to send your responses to us at: on or before 9th May 2022.

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