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Companions in Action

Companions in Action partners Jesuit schools in the United Kingdom with Jesuit schools in the global South. Established in 2006 the Companions Programme is being relaunched as Companions in Action to reflect the needs of a changing world and challenges present in an increasingly global society.

The worldwide network of 2,326 Jesuit primary and secondary schools educate over 2.4 million young people and 186 Jesuit universities and institutes of higher education have a further 1 million students. This reach enables Companions in Action to share ideas and resources for the promotion of justice through education in a truly global context.  It fosters the empowerment of those with whom we work to promote positive social change on both the national and international levels.

Companions in Action: Our Aims

  1. Develop a mutually beneficial and sustainable learning relationship between schools in the United Kingdom and partner schools in the developing world through direct experience and classroom activities
  2. Strengthen schools’ mutual Catholic and Jesuit identity by sharing values and good practice as expressed in the Jesuit Pupil Profile
  3. Foster a clearer understanding for young people of their role as global citizens who have a thirst for justice, will speak up for the marginalised and lead action for change to create a more just world
  4. Provide a context in which young people can learn about our shared responsibility to care for our common home and consequently adopt positive lifestyle changes which reflect Pope Francis’ teaching in Laudato Si and support the Sustainable Development Goals

All our resources available to download are on our Resources page.