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Support for South Sudan

  • 25 November 2019

Jesuit Missions is currently supporting Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) South Sudan as they cope with the effects of intense flooding in the Maban region last month. The flooding witnessed on the 14th of October is speculated to be the most devastating experienced in more than four decades. The unprecedented intensity of the floods has meant that several improvements made by our projects for the refugees and local communities of Maban have been partly destroyed. Particularly because the region has already been devastated by years of conflict and chronic underdevelopment, this flooding is an added blow to the people of Maban and their communities.

With water levels rising higher than a metre, these floods are estimated to have affected more than 200,000 people according to UN reports from the region. Apart from the large displacement of local and refugee communities, there is also significant damage of livelihoods, food crops and livestock which will have long term implications on how the communities build back their lives. Furthermore, the accumulated water in various parts of the region means that the risk of water borne diseases has increased considerably due to more mosquito breeding sites and the contamination of water sources caused by collapsed latrines & overflow from septic/sewage systems.

The priority in terms of responding to these challenges continues to be, engaging with local government, community leaders and other humanitarian agencies and to monitor the situation and coordinate immediate relief. Along with our partners in Ireland and Europe, as well as JRS International in Rome, Jesuit Missions continues to monitor the situation in Maban and prepares to provide support as and when required. At this difficult time, I invite you to keep the people of Maban in your thoughts and prayers.