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Meet our 2017 Team

This was our successful team from last year who all managed to complete the grueling 26.2 miles…Read how they got on here.

Samantha Aidoo, 30, is Jesuit Missions’ Education for Justice Coordinator. Having attended the

Sam, right, avoiding all distractions as she completes the Victoria Park Half Marathon

marathon for the last few years in the capacity of cheerer-oner, she felt deeply inspired by the efforts and struggles of all the marathon runners. This her is her first marathon, and even though she maintains that she is ‘not a runner,’ she is excited for the process and geared up to raise money for the education projects in South Sudan. To support Sam, please visit her fundraising page.

To read JM’s exclusive interview with Sam, please click here.

Christopher J. Krall, SJ, 34, is an American Jesuit, from a small town in Wisconsin in the United Marathon runner Chris Krall smiling outside Jesuit Missions HQStates.  He is currently studying for his MSt with the intention of continuing into the DPhil in  Science and Religion at Oxford University. The 2017 London Marathon will be Chris’ 16th marathon, but his first ever outside of North America! To support Chris’ efforts, please visit his fundraising page.

Joe Notter, 30, is a former pupil at both St John Beaumont and Stonyhurst College, running in his first marathon. He welcomes the opportunity to give something back to the Jesuits for the “brilliant” education he received from them.  To support Joe’s effort, please visit his fundraising page.

Nicholaus Prasetya, 26, is a currently a student at Imperial College London. He is from Indonesia, where he attended the Jesuit-run Canisius College Senior High School.  He loves running, but the 2017 London Marathon will be the first time he has ever participated in any kind of race!  Nicholaus is very honoured to be a part of the Jesuit Missions team this year, and welcomes the opportunity to raise money to support JM’s social and educational work in South Sudan, since he has experienced first-hand the outstanding quality of Jesuit education. To support Nicholaus’ efforts, please visit his fundraising page.

Jonathan Roche, 23, is a PhD student at the University of Nottingham. He grew up surrounded by Jesuit influences, having attended the Jesuit Easter Retreat at Stonyhurst College annually. Jonathan also spent the summer of 2013 volunteering with the Jesuit Volunteer Community, and has long been aware of the works of Jesuit Missions around the world. He is a keen runner, having participated in a number of triathlons and half-marathons and is excited that he will be able to support JM in his first marathon. To support Jonathan’s efforts, please visit his fundraising page.

Emma Sharp, 29, is a primary school teacher at St Aloysius College in Glasgow, running in her first marathon in support of Jesuit Missions. To support Emma’s effort, please visit her fundraising page.

Perdie Alder, 30, and Nick Simpson, 31, are running the marathon together – a real team effort! Perdie is a community manager from Croydon running in her first London Marathon. She is eager to support the work of Jesuit Missions, as she works for an educational charity and is  especially interested in ensuring refugees and forced migrants get the best quality of education possible. Nick is running in his first marathon and is supporting JM because “I strongly believe in equality and justice…[and] to help the most vulnerable become members of society who are respected and appreciated.” To support their efforts, please visit their fundraising page.

Michael Frain, 35, is running in his first London Marathon in support of the work of the Jesuits. A former pupil at St Ignatius College, Michael is an accomplished distance runner, having participated in numerous marathons, Iron Man competitions and even the Marathon Des Sables, which involved running 258k across the Sahara desert!

Helene Henriksen, 50, is running in her first marathon in support of Jesuit Missions. Helene is the sister of JM director Paul Chitnis, and is looking forward to supporting the work of her brother and the entire organisation.  She states that “I always said I’d never run a marathon, but my husband is training for an Iron Man and I said I’d be his running partner so it would be a dreadful waste not to put this training to very good use to raise funds to help others who really need and deserve it!”

James Hoole, 38, is a former pupil at a Jesuit school and is running in his second marathon. This is the first time he is running in the London marathon.

Tim Mullen-Furness, 32, is an assistant headteacher at Cardinal Griffin College, running in his first marathon in support of Jesuit Missions. He looks forward to supporting the work of JM as he states that, “The work of the Jesuits and the link that Jesuit Missions helps to create for poor people around the world cannot be underestimated.”

Robert Simpson, 18, is running in his first marathon and is the youngest participant on this year’s team. He is a former pupil of Stonyhurst College and wanted to run this year to give something back to the Jesuit Community in appreciation of his education.

Ryan Stokes, 30, a former pupil of Stonyhurst College is running in his first marathon this year in support of Jesuit Missions.