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Ukraine Update

  • 6 April 2022

6th April 2022

The world is grieving the atrocities in Bucha, where mass graves with more than 300 mutilated bodies have been uncovered.

More than 4 million people have already had to flee Ukraine, while around 6.5 million are estimated to be internally displaced. As of April 3rd, the UN was reporting at least 3,455 civilian casualties, including 1,417 killed and 2,038 injured.

The needs of the population in the face of this protracted crisis are continuing to grow and will impact the region for years to come. According to Ukrainian Economy Minister, Ukraine has already suffered nearly US$565 billion in damages and losses.

In this context, Jesuits Missions is working with our partners in the Xavier Network and JRS Europe along four main lines of action:

  • To welcome: by providing temporary shelters, food and other basics, transport, operating call centres
  • To protect: through the provision of safe accommodation, food and other basics, legal assistance, psychosocial support, education and health
  • To promote: addressing the education and livelihood needs of refugees
  • To integrate: aiding reconciliation, awareness raising and advocacy

If you would like to donate to our Ukraine appeal, please do so here.