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Jesuit Missions Advocacy Work

We speak out for social justice.

Jesuit Missions advocacy work is in partnership with Jesuit networks across Europe and the world. We are a member of the Xavier Network, an international mission and development partnership between Jesuit organisations across Europe, Canada and Australia. Our unique global reach means that our voice is heard around the world.

In India in partnership with the people’s forum Lok Manch, Jesuit Missions campaigns for equal rights for scheduled castes (Dalits) and scheduled tribes (Adivasis). Community representatives  take part in mass awareness campaigns which enable people to learn about their legal rights. In turn this will facilitate access to household and community entitlements.

In the Philippines our work with SLB helps people understand their rights in the political process and encourages local communities to hold their elected officials to account. Together we ensure they can engage in democracy at all levels.

Here in the UK we hold our leaders to account while working to keep climate change high on our government’s agenda.

Inspired by a faith that does justice our advocacy work defends the dignity of all people, especially the poor and marginalised.