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Typhoon Haiyan 2013



Rebuilding Lives

On November 8th 2013 the strongest typhoon ever hit the Philippines resulting in the death of at least 6,300 people, displacing over 4 million people from their homes and impacting on around 14 million people in total.

“The typhoon came in the evening. The wind was more violent and it was very cold. We got scared and ran to the school, which serves as an evacuation center. We prayed and sang hymns. Then flew off parts of the roof and we got even more afraid. Only four clock in the morning listening to the storm. The houses on the beach were all destroyed, and the trees were bent over and we had lost a lot of boats.”

Betty and Ben Abapó from the fishing village Binudac on Culion

Working with other members of the Xavier Network, Jesuit Missions is helping to rebuild homes, replace motorboats to support the vital fishing industry and install solar panels to ensure that access to power is readily available. Ten months after the disaster classrooms are still waiting to be built but normality is returning to the provinces affected.

Jesuit Missions launched an appeal in the week after the Typhoon and your donations reached over £300,000. Bernie Aton, from Jesuit-partner SLB writes:

‘We know that a great deal of good work has been completed already, but we must continue to look for other opportunities to help affected communities to ensure that everyone gets the help that they need. We would like to thank you again for your support and ask that you continue to hold the people of the Philippines in prayer’.

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