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Zimbabwe Food Shortage

In 2016, Zimbabwe finds itself facing another drought and famine disaster. Please support our appeal to provide food to 2,000 orphans, the most vulnerable members of society.


Every donation will make a difference in the life of an orphan:

£20 – Will feed a child for 2 months

£50 – Will feed 5 children for 5 months

£80 – Will buy 60kg of beans/pulses

£100 – Will buy 200kg of maize meal


Who will this appeal help?

 Although the whole nation is under siege from severe food shortages, it is the rural poor and vulnerable who suffer the most without the resources to absorb the loss, leaving them dependent on emergency assistance for survival. The Jesuit Relief Fund (JRF), which operates as part of the Jesuit Province of Zimbabwe’s commitment to help the increasing number of hungry people in the country, has launched an appeal in collaboration with some Jesuit Parishes and local institutions in order to assist 2,000 orphans, the most vulnerable of children, with basic supplementary food assistance.

What difference will it make?

Food shortage impacts children in so many ways. A child who cannot concentrate cannot learn. A hungry child will fall asleep or faint from exhaustion.  That is the situation for many children in Zimbabwe today, and especially for those who have to walk up to 5 miles each day to school. If they have a long distance to walk, they may completely drop out of school.  Out of school young girls are then forced into early marriages, or to sell their bodies in exchange for food.

What has happened in Zimbabwe?

Once the bread basket of Southern Africa, Zimbabwe now relies heavily on food aid and other forms of humanitarian assistance. The food insecurity situation has reached critical levels this year, and has become a national concern.  National chronic malnutrition stands at 17.6% and Zimbabwe is rated 18 out of the 20 States most likely to face real starvation in 2016.  It has one of the lowest living standards in the world and the highest infant and maternal mortality in Africa. Zimbabwe is still in a chronic state of vulnerability and like most countries in the region will require food and other humanitarian assistance during this farming season.   According to the World Food Programme, at least 1.5 million Zimbabweans will go hungry in 2016. The government alone cannot cope with the situation, hence the need for sustained humanitarian and recovery support programmes to which the JRF seeks to contribute.

To read more about how the Jesuit Relief Fund plans to assist these orphans in the midst of this famine, please read the article by Father Nigel Johnson, SJ.

To support our Zimbabwe Food Relief Appeal, please visit here.