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Latin America

Jesuits first came to Latin America only 9 years after the foundation of the Order in 1549. The first Jesuits arrived as missionaries but today we support local Jesuits which engage in projects with the poorest in the region.

Our Projects in Latin America


Awareness raising against COVID-19 among the populations in the Haiti – Dominican Republic border towns of Anse-à-Pitre, and Ganthier.

In October 2021 to we supported the Jesuit Migrant Service Haiti (SJM) which initiated a project which sought to protect three rural towns on the Dominican Republic border from the virus.

One of the biggest challenges in the pandemic has been educating Haitians about social distancing, sanitising, and using PPE. SJM however found an innovative way of raising awareness through purchasing 15 colourful boombox speakers.

Over a period of 20 days 15 volunteers used these speakers to repeat pre -recorded messages. More than 25, 000 people benefitted from being informed about how to best act during the virus.

As well as the information campaign there was also much needed distribution to 250 families with hygiene and food kits.


Fe y Alegria: Pastoral Care Training

Despite the appearance of Argentina being a rich country 35.5% of the country live below the poverty line. This is especially true for those under 14 years old where over half of children live in poverty.

We are currently supporting a project with Fe y Alegria which seeks to improve the pastoral care of Argentine children in its 14 pastoral centres around the country. This will be done through training  pastoral teams to deliver better extra-curricular activities in these centres.

This training consists a spiritual element which educates pastoral leaders in Ignatian spirituality and how they can give retreats for children away from spirituality centres which are based in the big cities. Secondly through Pegadogy, helping pastoral leaders to be prepared in assisting the extra academic needs of young people so they do not fall behind at school. The final element is through theology and the training of catechesis and how this can help inspire children to be men and women for others.

SomosFeyAlegria en Argentina

Photo: Fe y Alegria Argentina