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Young Leaders of Social Justice-Elizabeth

  • 9 September 2019

In our leaders for social justice series, we interview young people from across the world who have been involved or influenced by the Society of Jesus.

Today we have Elizabeth, a 30 year old woman from Kenya who is in formation to be a religious sister.

Can you give a brief outline about who you are?

My name is Elizabeth Kamande born in 13th July 1989 in Machakos county Kenya.  I am currently doing my religious formation in Austria.

What is your background with the Jesuits?

The first time I knew the Jesuits was in the year 2006 when I went for a come and see in the community at Adams arcade and we had to attend mass at Loyola house.

Later I knew more about Jesuits through a priest who told me about the Magis youth group which I then joined. Through the Magis I deepened my knowledge about Jesuits.

Have you had any previous involvement with Jesuit Missions/how much do you know about what we do?

I attended World Youth Day with Pope Francis and Magis 2016 at Poland. I liked all what we undertook there it was really nice. so, I know Jesuits do different Apostolate in Parishes and mostly support Youth in different ways e.g. through education.

If there was one thing you could change in the world, what would it be and why?

If I had Power, I could stop the creation of Robots. In my opinion that is competing with God.

What is your hope for the future of the world?

I hope when people take care of the environment and creation, so that we shall have a better place to live.

How have you been influenced by your involvement with the Jesuits?

My belief in God grew deeper.

Is there a Jesuit that you feel inspired by? 

Yes. Fr.Corbinian Kyara who supported me in preparation for  joining religious life.

Do you find Ignatian Spirituality useful/is this something you practise?

I do find Ignatian Spirituality very useful and every year we hold an Ignatian retreat in our retreat centre.

How do you feel that you can put your faith into action?

Through my service to people I try to portray God’s reflection.

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