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Young leaders of social justice-Teresia

  • 8 October 2019
Today in our Young leaders for social justice series we have Ms. Teresia Muthoni from Kenya.

Can you give a brief outline about who you are?

I am a young Kenyan lady, I come from a strong Catholic background, born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya.

I am a graduate student from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa. I am currently working with the Jesuits as Development Programmes Officer at the Conference Secretariat; JCAM Development Office.

What is your background with the Jesuits?

I came to know of the Jesuits through my Parish, Our lady of Guadalupe in Adams area. Hekima University College, which is a Jesuit Institution is within the confines of the Parish in Nairobi. This has provided some of the Jesuit Scholastics and priests within the College to mass as well as engage in Pastoral activities in the Parish. The Jesuit Priests preside over masses and the Scholastics engage in activities such as working with the youth, altar boys, choir and various Small Christian Communities.

Have you had any previous involvement with Jesuit Missions/how much do you know about what we do?

I do not have any previous involvement with Jesuit Missions. As I am now working in collaboration with Jesuits in Africa, each day I learn of the various works within different Conferences. I am aware of the support given by Jesuit Missions to various Jesuit works and apostolates both financially and through participating in various activities in different Regions within the Society of Jesus.

If there was one thing you could change in the world, what would it be and why?

I am passionate about the environment.  The earth that is our home is not only losing its natural beauty but also being destroyed thus losing it capability to sustain life.

I would like to be involved in an awareness campaign that enables people to see that their irresponsible behaviour towards the environment is leading to a distraction of the earth. Poor methods of disposal of garbage especially non-biodegradable items which cannot be broken down by natural processes.

What is your hope for the future of the world?

My hope is for the future of the world is that everyone will be able to live a comfortable life, accessing all the basic needs. I also hope that everyone is able to access good quality education that will enable to make informed decisions that will lead to good choices in life.

How have you been influenced by your involvement with the Jesuits?

I have seen and learnt about the virtue of service to others. Doing more for others for the greater glory of God.

Is there a Jesuit that you feel inspired by? 

Having read about St Ignatius of Loyola. I can say, I am quite inspired by his story of life and dedication to the service of the people.

Do you find Ignatian Spirituality useful/is this something you practise?

Yes, Ignatian Spirituality is very useful, however I practise it occasionally.

How do you feel that you can put your faith into action?

I put my faith in action by being of service to others whenever I can or call to.

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