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Youth for Others

Across the United Kingdom, young people are making a difference. You are helping to create positive change by volunteering, speaking out, fundraising and getting informed. You are the clear and eloquent voice and vision of the future.

Send us your stories of ways you are speaking out and working for justice, here in the UK and around the world. Tell us about how your school, parish or university chaplaincy promotes justice and solidarity.

Worldwide, there are 805 Jesuit primary and secondary schools in 70 countries, with around 800,000 students, including 163 schools in Europe. There are also 1,343 Fe y Alegría schools in Latin America with 1,566,000 students. And there are a further 136,000 students in 84 Jesuit educational projects for refugees in 23 countries. There are 186 Jesuit universities and institutes of higher education (according to the Jesuit Institute).

‘If you want peace, work for justice.’ – Pope Paul VI