Fundraise for Jesuit Missions

Your fundraising efforts help change people’s lives

Jesuit Missions supports projects in 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Your donation makes the work of our partners possible!

£500 Supports 20 students in Malawi with a year’s worth of medication for chronic illnesses, glasses and hearing aids.

£1,000 Trains three community leaders in India so they can facilitate forums that support local communities in knowing and accessing their rights.

£2,500 Trains 300 young people in South Sudan in solar installation and construction at a certified technical skills centre, giving them employment skills. 

£3,000 Provides 25 young people in Madagascar with year-long training in environmental leadership and environmental protection, helping them to care for our common home and its people.

Take the challenge by pledging one of the amounts noted above. Below you will find lots of exciting ideas for fundraising activities, big and small.

Your support can help girls such as Vicky (pictured below) secure an education, or provide training to small-scale farmers – including Mary, Deborah and Martha – who face issues brought on by climate change.

Ideas to get you started!

😉 Quick and easy
👍 Takes some time to set up, but lots of fun
More effort but, great results

😉 Phantom Tea

Send out invitations for a phantom tea, with donations based on what tea for would typically cost. E.G. Tea and scones – £20.00, High Tea – £40.00, High Tea with prosecco – £60.00. Donors decide which option they will go for and then simply send in their donation. Or, alternatively, host a real afternoon tea!

😉 Dog walk

For those dog walkers out there. Get together for a sponsored dog walk. It’s good to get our canine friends in on the act.

😉 No bake bake sale

In a hurry? Get everyone to share the amount they would have spent on ingredients for baking.

😉 Non-uniform Day/Uniform Day for teachers

Ever the people pleaser non-uniform days brings in funds. Entertain your students by having a uniform day for the teachers.

😉 Fancy dress day

Whether it’s onesies, characters from literature, costumes from around the world, appealing to that inner child is always entertaining and a great way to raise much needed cash.

😉 Sponsored silence

A day without speaking can help us to realise that many people around the world simply do not have a voice because of poverty.

😉 No makeup day

Minerals used in the manufacture of cosmetics can have a devastating impact on both the environment and people. Have a sponsored no makeup day to raise awareness of and funds.

😉 Angel at my table (for families)

For a month set an extra place at your table every day. Save the money that would go to feed this extra person and donate it to Jesuit Missions. It’s a way of inviting our worldwide neighbours to the feast.

👍 Bake sale

Ever popular!

👍 Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Great for primary children. Find a terrific location at a park or garden. Everyone brings a picnic and a teddy. Organisers provide baking and drinks. Adults £10.00, Under 12s £8.00, teddies go for free!

👍 Solidarity walk

Walk to support our neighbours in less economically developed countries. Set a target and get walking. We’ll provide information about our partners to help motivate everyone.

👍 Join an event

Run or walk in one of the many events round the UK from the Great North Run to the Kilt Walk.

Charity concert

A concert, music or drama event is a great way to raise funds and awareness.

Charity ball

Put on your dancing shoes!

Auction of gifts and favours

Everyone has exciting talents. Host a gourmet dinner party, knit a baby blanket, provide a garden tidy-up or a weekend away at a country cabin. The possibilities are endless.


Get the community involved by asking for donations for a raffle. Online or in person, silent or boisterous, a raffle is a terrific way to bring everyone together with the world-wide Jesuit Missions’ family.

Rich man/poor man meal

A way to pause and think about the unjust structures and systems that mean a small proportion of the world has access to more than enough food, while many go to bed hungry each night.

Jesuit Missions will provide guidelines for fundraising activities and support to help make your event memorable. Your donation provides a host of opportunities for our overseas partners.

help us continue our vital work

With your support, we can continue our work improving the lives of those who need it most.