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We are currently partnered with Lok Manch. They are working to protect India’s environment and the most vulnerable people affected by climate change. Lok Manch do this through advocating for land rights for the Adivasi community, one of India’s indigenous peoples.

The Adivasi people often lose their land to mining companies who are destroying the planet and making many of the Adivasi community homeless while doing so.

During 2020, Lok Manch was able to secure protected forest status for 657 villages, training the communities in water conservation, environmentally friendly farming methods, and tree planting.

Lok Manch also advocates for safe and sustainable fishing in Kerala. On this front, Lok Manch partners with the Adivasis Development Initiative in Kerala to combat sea erosion and promote sustainable fishing techniques.

Jesuit Missions has been working with Lok Manch since 2016 to make people aware of their entitlements and help protect the environment.

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